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Our team goes above & beyond to provide helpful information regarding productivity software.

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We authenticate reviews, vet software, amongst other efforts to keep you all well informed.

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About Our Founder

Our founder, Jerrika Gabriel, understands the importance of time. As a wife and mother, she relies on being efficient to balance her work and personal life. Her time as a digital marketing professional sparked a want to provide a better research experience for all professionals. 

Navigating from site to site to compare software is not efficient or insightful, in her opinion. Researching business productivity software often results in feeling uncertain and overwhelmed. Thus, she decided to create a hub that provided details about user experiences and product features.  

Jerrika created with the intention that visitors would read reviews and interpret how specific productivity software to achieve organizational or individual goals. She is confident that this process will give professionals the confidence to make better-informed decisions.

Let’s connect! Feel free to drop us a line if you have additional questions regarding or it’s founder and Jerrika Gabriel.

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