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5 Things You Need to Know About Walmart Advertising Platform

Unbeknownst to the public, Walmart has been developing its very own powerful advertising platform. Leveraging its extensive online and in-store data, coupled with the acquisition of a high-speed ad server, Walmart Media Group Partners can become the go-to ad-tech platform for retailers. But first, let’s learn more about what we can expect from the platform.

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1. Walmart acquired Polymorph Labs in 2019 to build up the supply-side for native type ad campaigns. Polymorph ad delivery is faster than traditional ad servers. It is resulting in more ad impressions per-user sessions. Increased ad impressions can yield conversions for brands looking to capture customers further down the buyer funnel.

2. Polymorph’s ad platform offers various audience segments that accurately target customers based on their shopping behavior. Walmart’s robust audience segments, combined with legacy data within a brand’s CRM, can produce influential look-a-like audiences, improving return on ad spend percentages. 

3. 90% of Americans shop at Walmart every year and drive nearly 160 million visitors to stores and online weekly. The percentage of shoppers and visitors increases the opportunity for brands to get in front of their customer base. Not only will brands reach their existing audience, but Walmart Media Group permits brands to reach a larger audience outside of the current shopper network. 

4. As noted above, Walmart is dominating the marketplace when it comes to foot traffic and site visitors. In addition to Walmart Media Group’s current network, the organization has partnered with third-party retail platforms to grow their shopper footprint even more. Flywheel Digital, Kenshoo, Pacvue, and Teikametrics are all partners of Walmart Media Group. Advertising on their networks expands the potential reach of your ads. 

5. Walmart’s ad server platform is capable of measuring the influence an ad makes on a sale. In the past, ad server platforms have provided minimal to no data on multi-channel marketing efforts. Still, Walmart’s ad-tech platform allows brands to measure advertising effectiveness across the entire shopping journey. Meaning, if your ad is shown across the internet and then purchased in-store or online, Walmart can attribute the purchase to your ads. Precise tracking provides data insights to direct marketing dollars toward practical marketing efforts. Also, this metric can be helpful when determining the type of content your brand produces.

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What does this mean for advertisers?

Before dumping hundreds of thousands of dollars to run ads on Walmart Media Group, advertisers should consider who the Walmart Media Group marketplace serves.

Walmart Media Group and its third-party partners should offer products similar to those your brand intends to advertise. Walmart Media Group caters to the retail industry, unlike Facebook, a platform where brands could promote anything from political ads to real estate ads. Facebook’s methodology does not apply to Walmart Media Group. 

Secondly, consider the price point between the items Walmart sells and in comparison to the value of your products. Walmart’s audience is attracted to the convenience of shopping for a range of merchandise in one place at discounted prices. If the price gap is substantially more significant in regards to Walmart or it’s partners, you may want to consider advertising on a platform who’s audience spending habits align with your brand. 

Remember your brand will be tapping into an audience similar to Walmart’s, consideration of these factors can help your marketing team decided if Walmart Media Group is worth allotting ad dollars. 


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July 22, 2020 • By TechfullyPro