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July 15, 2020 • By TechfullyPro

Working From Home Marketing Productivity Tips

Part II of the Coronavirus pandemic is upon us. Schools are undecided on virtual vs. in-person learning, and businesses are rolling back re-opening physical locations due to increased COVID-19 cases. If children or spouses are your new co-workers, how will you manage distractions and interruptions while maintaining productivity? 

The average person gets distracted every 40 seconds, according to an article written by Chris Bailey. (Bailey, 2018) Smartphones are the number one causes for our distractions, add personal life to the mix, and it’s a recipe for constant diversions. Marketing productivity software will support your efforts to create an efficient remote work environment.

Planning + Organization

The first step is planning and organizing, and that means project management tools are a must. ProProfs is a project management tool that was designed with specific features and functionality for marketing and sales teams. Create a plan and stick to it by collaborating on shared project calendars with internal departments or external partners. ProProfs is a clear line of communication between in-house or remote teams who are continually exchanging assets and information. Use ProProfs to plan out every detail of your project by days, weeks, or months depending on the scope of work. Keep your entire team in the loop with email notifications of changes in the project’s status or upcoming deadlines. Operating with multiple moving parts can be challenging, but project management tools will keep the ball rolling in the right direction.

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Scheduling Automation

After selecting a project management platform, decide what task to automate? Marketing automation software is critical more than ever to carry out everyday tasks, so that you may focus on significant assignments such as strategy and implementation. Groover, Mikell (2014) defines automation as technology by which a process or procedure is performed with minimal human assistance. Many daily work duties can be scheduled in advance. For marketers, this could be email marketing, social media post, or digital ads. Whether you are setting up a client meeting or sending out promotional emails, tasks of this nature can be set up beforehand. As Gover mentioned in his definition of automation, minimal human interaction is required to guarantee success from user interference or system errors. From planning social posts to onboarding new clients, customer relationship software possess helpful web tools for the marketing and sales team. 

How do you measure up?

After planning, organizing, and automating tasks, it’s time to review the results. There are FREE tools such as Google Analytics, and that gives insights into web and campaign performance. Google Analytics is a platform used to track your business goals and audience behavior, web traffic, and sales. Breaking down the performance of each success and failure of each effort will save time by reducing double work in the future. Documenting your marketing results show business what strategies are successful and the need to apply in similar situations in the future. 

A face-to-face work environment is distracting enough, and while working from home is ideal for most, it presents new challenges. Take advantage of the time allotted to make a plan, automate tasks, and review your outcomes to continue being successful working from home. 

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July 15, 2020 • By TechfullyPro